“The song I have, the words not yet”

Through my journey in life I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people, and am humbled at the amount of people that chose to stay in my life. This blog is different to any other that I have written. It’s written with passion on behalf of someone brave enough to share her story with me through a song! This experience has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, so I thank you my dear for choosing me amidst my own chaos.

The chosen song by this beautiful soul is “Loves Divine” by Seal

I listened to the song and at first listen, felt my heart sink, and then I listened again, and couldn’t help but smile.

This is her story through a song!

People pass me every day and I come across as just an ordinary girl next door, yet behind the stillness that the world sees, there is chaos. A type of chaos that rocks my world beyond control. Who am I, and if you knew would you still love me? How can I lift the disguises?  Why did this happen? How did this happen?  So many questions and no answers. They say I have bipolar2, what does that even mean? Yet another question unanswered.

The hardest part is not my acceptance but how others accept me.  Yes I know it shouldn’t matter, yet it still does, so I reach out to the world, those close and near, love me for who I am.

Your love is my cure! Your patience with me is my daily dose of medication. Please don’t judge me on how I have been diagnosed. The condition doesn’t define me, its people that define me, and that’s not fair! Allow me to define myself to you.

Look into my soul, look into my eyes, I am in need like everyone else, with or without a condition. I need love and laughter just as much as the next person. Please don’t give me less because of how I have been diagnosed, I am just as worthy of love as the next person!

Allow me to be free with my speech, let me educate you on the reality of my normality! I am not a stigma! I am not capable of hurting you, I only want to show you how much I can love you. Let me live this life amongst you, as one of you, and not as an outsider looking in.

“Love is what I need to help me know my name”


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