Speaking Frankly! In Business

So what’s changed over the past 20 years in the service industry?

Having worked both inside the box and outside, I’ve observed a number of repeat decisions that organisations insist on making.  Whilst change is constant and I can appreciate that in the ever changing technological age we have immersed ourselves in, there is still the reality that it’s the human mind and hand at play that pulls the various levers within organisations. The business bottom line is still very reliant on people delivering alongside technology, and of-course while one can manipulate the data/systems, people will still be people. What does that mean? “people will still be people”

For decades Philosophers and Scientist have researched and studied the human mind, our emotions, tolerance levels, EQ, IQ, and with all this information at hand, case studies around Individual differences, situational leadership, books written on having a balanced life, social media flooded with content on life’s Journey’s, Mindfulness, the power of positivity and the list goes on ….. so hoping you get my message, no offense to any of this content and I am sure that its helped a substantial amount of  people overcome certain fears, or have more self-awareness,  even possibly drive the far and few between towards positive living.   However, it’s not as easy as listening to a Deepak Chopra mind meditation YouTube video to have your whole world change around, it takes allot more than tagging your friends with motivational quotes, or the continuous sharing of positive messages to change your life! Grief is still just that, and so is depression.

For a start, I don’t have all the answers, I am however a curious mind at heart, so my thoughts are frank in the sense, that I am a believer of “actions speak louder than word” or in this case “living, breathing, practicing reality speaks louder than living in an unrealistic cyber world”

So to my point and in relation to the service industry, how are these linked to the repeat decisions that organisations make (keep in mind I have not noted if this is a negative or positive) …  so let’s get back to the point!

We continue to promote the platforms that claim to have the secret ingredients to better living, and yet how many of us actually have that? Not many people I know, I attempt to work on this daily (and that’s a stretch even for me, who seemingly has most things in place)

Back to the workplace, and the Service Industry, how are organisations positively influencing the state of healthy living into the workplace, from my meager 17 odd years in the service industry, I would have to say not much, instead the snowball impact is being created, through over complicated processes and multiply systems used to resolved straightforward queries that could easily take 5 minutes to resolve, instead we load it with a 5-day turnaround times to accommodate technology, no consideration for the client at hand. The impact of that, frustrated staff member having to learn the complicated processes and use multiple systems, in turn ends up offering a mediocre service to the client, who in turn is frustrated at having to wait 5 days for what initially seemed like a simple query, and that’s the point where we throw all elements of every  Master class and lessons of simple living with positive thinking out the window! The concept we going to explore is straight forward “keep it simple”

The next set of articles will focus on  points driven from the direction of this series.

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