Putting pen to paper !

A seemingly short intro to the next chapters of my blogging !


Yet again I have allowed time to pass without putting pen to paper, writing has always been my greatest healing for as long as I can remember, and when I stop, it often feels like a part of me is missing. My current location, London Heathrow airport, awaiting a flight home, the magnitude and enormity of this airport makes me feel minuscule… and then I think how can I allow myself these feelings because of the size of a building.
The passing weeks have been very challenging for me, faced with sleepless nights, loneliness, the ongoing question of purpose, the frustration of lack of transparency and humanity in business. So with that in mind I decided to write my first piece on career and building a better me or a better you, for those that take to time to engage with my blogs.
Ironically enough I find myself in the same place as I was 5 years, feels like full circle really! I am inclined to think the universe is sending a very direct message the second time around, I hope I get it this time! (I think with a smirk on my face) life certainly is for living!
The emotions run through me, ignited once more, this fire within is raging, hours, days pass, and I know that this is not the final destination.
I think about raising my daughter and how I want her to see the world, to know that she can achieve anything she wants, and she never has to apologise for being her. The number of times I have apologised, its senseless really, why, for who? For being me. The words lash out at me, stay in your lane! Do things the way we want it … where are our voices, we conform to society and text books, this is not how it’s meant to be. What if we did things differently, changed the game. What stopping you today from taking the leap of faith? Be brave, set the wheels in motion! Be ruthless in business, be this, be that! What about just being you? Who ever said you need to be someone else to be successful? Rise against the odds, let the words flow from you. Allow your core to reveal itself!
This blog is the start of many to come, and will get more specific around building a better you from lessons learnt and behaviors observed.

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